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Paul states that he is confident in his eternal destiny and longs for the day when he can be “absent from the body” and be present with the Lord he loves and.
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Absent From The Body & Present With The Lord - Pr. Stephen Bohr - State of the Dead - 3ABN

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Some conclude that purgatory—a place of final purging and purification—is what awaits most believers after death in order to prepare for them to eventually fully enjoy God in heaven. But is purgatory what the Bible teaches?

Absent From The Body

What are the theological implications of purgatory? Not until we are sunburned and sick of junk food and have absolutely, totally, and completely worn ourselves out having fun!

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Absent from the Body.

Rather Be Absent from the Body? September Gary Henry — WordPoints. Search for:. Daily Family Bible Studies Biblical themes for families to talk about together. Recent Posts. To the extent that we take God's side in the war, we will incur the wrath of Satan and his forces.