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With its forty floors and thousand apartments, its supermarket and swimming-pools, bank and junior school With its forty floors and thousand apartments, its supermarket and swimming-pools, bank and junior school -- all in effect abandoned in the sky -- the high-rise offered more than enough opportunities for violence and confrontation. In this variation of the story, the Sons of God are no longer dark angels but the Sons of Seth, a righteous community of men and women who reside in peace on the Mountain of God.

Living among the Sons of Seth are the now familiar antediluvian patriarchs, such as Jared, his son Enoch, his grandson Methuselah and his great-grandson Lamech. In their midst is the entrance to the so-called Cave of Treasures, within which lie the earthly remains of the first men and women, including Adam and his wife Eve, as well as the Three Gifts of God.

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These latter are caskets containing the frankincense, gold and myrrh destined to remain in the possession of Israel and Judah until they are finally presented to Christ at the time of the Nativity. Elsewhere in the enormous cave burns a perpetual flame symbolizing the light of God given to Adam in his darkest hour. Down in the lowlands lives a somewhat more primitive culture that, without the just guidance of God, leads depraved lifestyles of sin and corruption.

Satan or the Devil. Convinced that he can take advantage of their wicked ways to lead astray the Sons of God, the arch-fiend hatches a cunning plan.

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He convinces the naive Daughters of Men to wear make-up and adorn themselves with fine jewellery and exotic garments. Satanail then directs them towards the Mountain of God, where the Sons of Seth lead their pious existence in the presence of the Most High.

Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The women try to convince the religious men to come down from the heights so that they may be tempted to commit gross acts of fornication and indecency. To this end the Daughters of Cain approach the base of the mountain and begin playing musical instruments, dancing wildly, singing loudly and calling to the Sons of God 2 to come and join them in sweet pleasure. Only the most righteous - in other words, figures such as Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and his son Noah - refuse to be tempted by this gross iniquity.

The Most High then unleashes a great tempest and deluge to purge the world of all wickedness and corruption, as in Enochian and Old Testament tradition. Removing any reference to fallen angels nullified the story of the fall of the Watchers as it was portrayed in a convincing and quite unnerving manner within the Book of Enoch. No fallen angels - no truth to the Book of Enoch; this was the philosophy of those who believed in the reality of the story of the Daughters of Cain coming to the Sons of Seth. It was an easy demolition of the ancient text, if it could be accepted that the Cave of Treasures story was the word of God.

Unfortunately, however, these early Church Fathers, who mostly belonged to the Syrian Church, overlooked one tiny point. The deduction was made despite the more obvious fact that the term bene ha-elohim was also used with reference to heavenly hosts, or angels.

Stolen Child

Yet even this did not stop the spread of wild accounts concerning the deeds of the fallen angels. The story of the Daugh- ters of Cain coming unto the Sons of Seth was very often placed alongside alternative material concerning the fall of the Watchers, taken either directly or indirectly from the Book of Enoch. An out- standing example of this is the account of the fall of the angels con- tained in the Ethiopian Kebra Nagast.

Here, next to a precis of the Cave of Treasures story, is a somewhat shocking reference to the enormous size of the Nephilim babies and the way in which they entered the world: And the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had companied con- ceived, but they were unable to bring forth their children, and they died.

Fallen angel

And of the children who were in their wombs some died, and some came forth: having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels. Marti the Ignorant Even though the Book of Enoch had fallen foul of the developing Christian Church during the early fourth century, there are firm indications that some individuals had studied its contents and had, as a consequence, begun extolling its dire consequences for man- kind. One such indication of this situation comes from a tract on the Book of Enoch written by St Jerome ad , a Syriac Church Father of renown and scholarship, who had this to say on the subject: We have read in a certain apocryphal book [i.

This book is quite explicit and is classified as apocryphal. The ancient exegetes have at various times referred to it, but we are citing it, not as authoritative, but merely to bring it to your attention I have read about this apocryphal book in the work of a particular author who used it to confirm his own heresy.

Do you detect the source of the teachings of Manichaeus, the ignorant? Just as the Manichaeans say that the souls desired human bodies to be united in pleasure, do not they who say that angels desired bodies - or the daughters of men - seem to you to be saying the same thing as the Manichaeans?

And St Jerome was right. There is firm evidence to show that Mani devised his holy scriptures and teachings after studying the Book of Enoch. Mani was born in the Babylonian town of Ctesiphon, near modern-day Baghdad, in the year ad Perhaps influenced by the knowledge that Zoroastrianism acknowledged whole hierarchies of angels and demons, or daevas, Mani appears to have fully accepted the Enochian account of the fall of the Watchers. As a consequence, he formulated his own dual- istic, gnostic creed, complete with its own holy scriptures and cre- ation myths.

In his sacred books he portrayed the material world not as the dominion of God, but as the domain of the Rulers of Darkness, in other words of Satan and his fallen angels. All that remained of God was the divine spirit trapped inside the physical body, and only by striving to find oneness with God could human- ity hope to achieve a promised afterlife in the heavenly paradise.

According to an anathema of Manichaeism written by its Chris- tian opposers, Mani believed Adam to have been the outcome of a fertilized embryo, produced by the intercourse of male and female fallen angels, then swallowed by Satan, who subsequently coupled with his spouse to bring forth the First Man. Mani preached a synthesis of different faiths, including aspects of Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Mandaism, a strange religion native to Iraq and Iran.

His faith became extremely popular for several centuries and was carried by his dedicated dis- ciples and followers across the Orient, reaching as far east as India and Tibet. It was therefore condemned as outright heresy by the ruling Sassanian dynasty of Persian kings as well as by the early Church Fathers of Asia Minor. Followers of the faith were denounced as heretics and put to death, while a more horrific fate awaited Mani himself at the hands of fanatical Zoro- astrians at Jund-i-Shapur, in south-west Persia.

His exhausted body was then publicly humiliated in the most gruesome manner: his skin was flayed and stuffed with straw before being strung up on the gates of the town as blood still issued from his warm carcass, which was decapitated and erected on a pole for all to see. Instead of quelling the growing unrest against Manichaeism by the Persian people, the death of Mani incited a sanguine crusade against his followers, who were rounded up throughout the empire and slaughtered by Zoro- astrians - the price, it seems, for believing in the fall of the angels and their corruption of mankind.

In no way did the Church want the spread of Jewish traditions completely at variance with its gradually emerging corpus of scripture, especially if these concerned alternative views on the fall of mankind and the descent of the angels. Such subjects needed to be kept strictly out of bounds. Is it possible for us to understand this fanatical zeal towards the unorthodox - a zeal that persisted in the name of religion through- out the Middle Ages and probably cost the lives of countless hundreds of thousands of individuals accused of heresy and witch- craft?

Why should the Christian Church have been so paranoid about a narrative concerning a group of two hundred angels who fell from grace and lusted after the Daughters of Men? Serpents that Walked Part of the answer lies in the fact that there seems to be a clear over- lap between the story of the fall of the Watchers and the account of the temptation of Eve by the Serpent as portrayed in the Book of Genesis.

Since this is such an important subject in our quest to understand the origins of fallen angels, it will be worth recalling exactly what happened on that day in the Garden of Eden. For this heinous crime against mankind the Serpent is then: cursed [by God] above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

All these explanations are, however, somewhat naive, for the snake is a very ancient symbol that represented the conveyance of sexual desires, hidden wisdom and secret knowledge in many different Middle Eastern faiths and religions. The serpent makes an appearance in a great number of creation myths featuring the first humans and is often portrayed as a wise benevolent spirit, not a beguiling messenger of temptation and evil. For instance, in Hebrew hawwah, i. It is also related to the word hevia, signifying a female ser- pent.

Nephilim Reborn: Zoon

So if the Watchers are intrinsically linked with the symbol of the serpent, the conveyers of sexual desire, hidden wisdom and forbidden knowledge, then how do they relate to the Serpent of Eden? Here is a very revealing statement. What is it supposed to mean? And how might it be equated with our knowledge of the Fall of Man in the heavenly paradise? In doing so, it caused them to commit the first sin, the act of self-awareness. As a consequence of this interference in human affairs, our ancestors were forced into a material existence over and beyond the natural evolution and progression it would presumably have achieved had the Watchers not intervened to change the course of destiny.

If so, then which story influenced the other? How did he fit into this gradually emer- ging picture, and what was his association with the Watchers of the Book of Enoch? In the Old Testament this term is used exclusively to describe either the enemies of God or the enemies of the Israelite race in general. Never is the Devil referred to as the evil one. Not until the advent of the New Testament, the collection of books and gospels relating to the period subsequent to the birth of the Chris- tian era, does the term ha-satan take on this all-important role.

At this point Satan becomes an angel fallen from grace and expelled from heaven, along with his fellow-rebels, by the archangel Michael.

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In medieval times, theologians, such as Peter Lombard c. So was Satan behind the story of the Serpent of Eden? Perhaps the medieval scholars actually got it right, realizing that the refer- ences in the Book of Revelation to the casting out of heaven of Satan and his adversaries was one and the same story as the pre- Christian account of the fall of the Watchers, alluded to in the story of the Sons of God coming unto the Daughters of Men in Genesis 6. It is more likely that those heretics, such as Mani, who wholeheartedly accepted and preached the demonic doctrine outlined in Enochian litera- ture, were always persecuted in such ghastly ways for this reason alone.

What justification could there be for such crimes against humanity, and, more importantly, just what is it the world fears so much about fallen angels? The expulsion of the angels from heaven after their fall through lust and pride, from an eleventh century English manuscript.

Does this event record the forbidden trafficking between two entirely different races or cultures during the protoneolithic age? In fact there are relatively few accounts featuring angels, and when they do crop up there is often no real indication of what exactly is taking place. They confirm the imminent birth of a son to his elderly wife Sarah and announce their planned destruction of Sodom, the city of iniquity by the Dead Sea. Surely incorporeal beings would not need to consume earthly sustenance. It is, of course, from this bible passage that we gain the term sodomy, or anal penetration.

They are undoubtedly incorporeal beings, although, to allow for stories such as those con- cerning Abraham, Lot and Jacob, it has generally been accepted by Judaeo-Christian theologians that angels could take on physical form to carry out specific tasks on earth. Whatever the actual nature of the angels of the Old Testament, to both the Judaic and Christian faiths they are purely that - angels, messengers of God, unconnected with the fallen angelic race of both Genesis 6 and Hebrew apocryphal tradition. At no time are the angels of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, ever equated with the Sons of God, the Watchers or the Nephilim, and there is never any insinuation that it was two hun- dred of their heavenly companions who took on physical form to lie with the Daughters of Men in the generations prior to the Great Flood.

It is almost as if the writers of the Pentateuch either have no apparent knowledge of the connection between angels and the fall of the Watchers, or else they are deliberately avoiding the subject altogether.